Growing Area
Better than any lengthy descriptions, the simple names of the grape varieties that distinguish the different Duchessa Lia wines signify the character of this region of Italy where the House of Duchessa Lia has its roots.

A precious jewel for all those who – like us - love this corner of Piemonte where we leave and where we have been producing wine for generations. A unique land for grape-growing, where the Langhe meet the Roero and Monferrato territories, and that UNESCO deservedly designated as a Wold Heritage site in 2014.

It is our firm belief that there are no words that can portray this land better than the images that you can enjoy on this site, enabling you to stroll through the vineyards that yield the Duchessa Lia wines, growing in the areas around Asti, and Alba, and in the Monferrato area... then to descend steeply almost to the border with Liguria, where the mountain air commingles with the breezes off the Mediterranean to present us with Gavi, one of our finest white wines.

Hills upon hills, some gentle, others precipitous, in the hundreds, the thousands. On each of these, our efforts, and that of so many others, have encouraged a terroir that will always yield fruit distinctive from that on the neighbouring hill. Such grapes and wines, then, are always distinctive, and our passionate love for these lands and our expertise in crafting wine marry together in every glass of Duchessa Lia in perfect harmony

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